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Custom Neon Sign (Create your own design)

Custom Neon Sign (Create your own design)

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 NEW! Create Your Own Cool Vibe With Perszonalized Neon Signs for Any Room, Business, or Event…

Yes You can Perzonalise the following:

  • Text
  • Color

Isn't that Amazing? 
We felt motivated to discover a means of bringing the enjoyment and thrill of unique neon artworks into your homes in a manner that is lovely, inexpensive, robust, and enjoyable!
Since neon tubing is excessively expensive, we developed an LED neon sign substitute that has the same great aesthetic but costs less and is simpler to use. 
Now you can personalize that design to fit your style, your space, and your personality and bring it into your home, room, event, or place of business.

Looking for non-personalized ones? Click here to browse our entire neon sign collection. 


We will hand craft your Neon Sign to add some color to your life. Here is what you can customize:

✓ Color: Choose from a range of shades to match any room, business or wall! Inspiring neon LED color choices include pink, green, blue, light blue, purple, red, yellow, orange and white.

✓ Size: Choose from 5 versatile widths! 19.7" (50 cm), 29.5" (75 cm), 59" (150 cm), 88.5" (225 cm)


NOTE - Each neon sign size has a maximum letter count per line, when using our neon sign generator.

50cm - 6 letters max per line

75cm - 9 letters max per line

150cm - 18 letters max per line

225cm - 30 letters max per line

Need something more custom or help with your design? Email our team at ! We'll create a custom mock up for FREE!

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