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LITLAMP™ Ultimate Portable Solar Power for On-the-Go Charging!

LITLAMP™ Ultimate Portable Solar Power for On-the-Go Charging!

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Unleash the Sun's Power Anywhere!

Have you ever dreamed of harnessing the sun's power wherever life takes you? Or Tired of your outdoor adventures being cut short by powerless devices?

Say goodbye to dead batteries with our revolutionary LITLAMP™ Ultimate Portable Solar Power for On-the-Go Charging! Harness the sun's energy wherever life takes you, ensuring uninterrupted journeys and endless memories.

Efficient Solar Charging

Our advanced solar charging circuit makes solar energy more accessible than ever. Your journey will never be interrupted by a dead battery again.

Monocrystalline Marvel

Monocrystalline silicon solar cells with epoxy resin sealing ensure unmatched durability and efficiency. Trust in the power of the sun at your fingertips.

Unrivaled Thinness

With a thickness of only 6mm, this solar panel is lighter than a feather. Carry it anywhere without sacrificing space or weight.

Universal USB Compatibility

Easily connect to your devices with the standard USB output. Your phone, tablet, or any digital device will always be ready for the next photo, call, or adventure.

IP65 Waterproof Technology

Don't let the weather dictate your power needs – experience unparalleled durability with our IP65 Waterproof Technology! Our devices are designed to thrive in rain, snow, or shine, ensuring your electronics stay protected against the elements.

Care for Your Solar Treasure:

Before embarking on your solar-powered journey, remember a few simple tips: steer clear of corrosive materials, shield the surface from scratches, and keep the panel away from excessive bending forces.

With the package including mini suction cups and hooks, you have the freedom to set up your panel wherever you please. The sun is the source, and now you're the master!

Don't let your adventures be dimmed by a lack of power. Grab your 30W Portable Solar Panel now and illuminate every moment of your journey!


Max. power: 6W / 30W

Solar output: 6.8V 1.2A

Size: 240x140x250m/ 9.45 x 5.51 x 9.84 inches

Color: Black

Material: monocrystalline silicon

Packaging included:

1 solar panel charger

4 mini suction cups

2 hooks

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