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LITLAMP™ - Magic Plasma Ball

LITLAMP™ - Magic Plasma Ball

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Beautify your room in a scientific and electrifying way!

If you're looking for a lamp that will add some fun and excitement to your home, then you need the LITLAMP™ - Magic Plasma Ball Lamp!

Our Magic Plasma Ball will definitely give an exciting touch to your room. The plasma ball emits lightning as you touch the sphere, making it interactive and a great house decoration. This will surely capture the attention of every guest.
This awesome device uses a sphere filled with inert gas to generate colorful streams of electricity that are exciting and eye-catching. Want to switch things up? Control the rays with your touch, voice, or loud music and watch them move on command. It's perfect for budding science enthusiasts, parties and raves, decoration, or everyday entertainment.

Benefits Of LITLAMP™ - Magic Plasma Ball

  • The effect flashes are completely harmless and only discharge inside the ball.
  • Touch-Activated Plasma Ball: Part science, part magic, and all fun! This plasma ball reacts to your touch and emits beams of light wherever your fingertips go. Inspire your friends and give every room a special ambience.
  • Sterilizes and purifies the air: The plasma ball lamp produces a large amount of negative ions that absorb bacteria and neutralize positively charged elements such as dust and smoke in the air.
  • Healthy Benefits: The ball can activate oxygen molecules in the air and activate various body enzymes to stimulate metabolism and ensure a good night's sleep.

Touch Sensitive Plasma Globe

 It's part science, part magic, and all fun! Just slide the switch to the "ON" position, this plasma ball responds to your touch, sending out beams of light wherever your fingers go, very beautiful in the dark, perfectly demonstrating a beautiful scientific phenomenon.

Responds to music and sounds

Not only does the static electricity ball follow your every touch with electric beams, it also responds to music! Slide the switch to the "AUDIO" position, the plasma lamp will look like a real music visualizer, swirling and pulsating to the beat of unique patterns.

Magic Plasma Ball

The plasma ball is powered by a 6-foot DC adapter. No batteries required for endless excitement! If your child is the curious type who is always excited about all things science, he will be absolutely fascinated by the electric ball. Help them discover the secrets of plasma in a larger than life and completely safe way.

Great Gift Choices

The magical plasma light will arouse children's curiosity, bring children's science fantasies into real life. Plasma Ball is a perfect gift for your kids, boyfriend and girlfriend on birthdays, Christmas and all festivals. The plasma ball can be easily moved around to create a fantastic atmosphere that everyone will love.

Principle of operation:

  • Appearance of the spherical shell of high strength glass, filled with a thin inner inert gas sphere, the central spherical glass balls with a black electrode.
  • Have a ball at the bottom of the oscillator circuit from a power converter that converts 12V DC into a high-pressure, low-pressure high-frequency voltage applied to the electrode.
  • Power, the electric field oscillating circuit generates high-frequency voltage, because the ionization of the inner sphere rarefied gas by high-frequency electric field and luster, produces mystery.
  • There is a linear, colourful, radiant glow of light which is very pleasant in the dark. To make the light brighter, place it around your finger, touch your hand along the arc generated by the swimming motion, move and dance with your fingers.



Input: DC 12V/1A
Ball Size: 8inch
Power Cord: 6ft/1.8m

Package Contents:

1 x Magic Plasma Ball
1 x DC Adapter
1 x User Manual


  1. Keep it away from high temperature and fire;
  2. Don't touch the ball in the same position for a long time;
  3. Please don't touch the plasma ball to the metal surface;
  4. When touching the ball, keep your hands and the surface of the plasma ball dry and clean;
  5. Never disassemble the plasma ball yourself;
  6. Only use the adapter provided to power the ball;
  7. Please read the precautions carefully before use;
  8. Children should use the ball properly under adult supervision.

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