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LITLAMP™ - Candle Warmer Lamp

LITLAMP™ - Candle Warmer Lamp

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Escape the Dangers of Traditional Candles!

Are open flames and toxic fumes putting your home at risk? Discover the ultimate solution with our LITLAMP™ - Candle Warmer Lamp! Our innovative lamp uses top-down heat technology to gently melt candles, ensuring a longer-lasting, pure fragrance without any of the dangers.

Unleash the power of top-down heat technology, as our 50-watt halogen bulb melts candles from top to bottom, ensuring a clean, lasting scent twice as long as traditional burns. No more compromises – just the pure, vibrant aroma you deserve!

Simple and safe

LITLAMP™ - Candle Warmer Lamp is easy and safe to use. Our candle melting lamp uses the heat of the light source to melt the wax, allowing you to place your favorite candle or aromatherapy in the lamp. 

It is designed to melt the candle from top to bottom, releasing a vibrant, pure scent. It is smoke-free and has no open flame, making it a safe addition to your home.

Spread the Scent

Top-Down Heat Technology - The 50-watt halogen bulb (included) melts the candle from top to bottom, releasing a vibrant, clean scent that lasts twice as long as a burn.

Adjustable Temperature

You can freely adjust the brightness of our candle melting lamp which adjust the temperature. Our candle melting lamps supports different size candles up to 4.5 inches high.

The advantages of our candle melting lamp:

  • No naked flames
  • Smoke free
  • Candles last longer
  • Friendly for allergy sufferers

Candle Melting Lamp Specifications:

  • Weight: 840g
  • Material: iron
  • Size: 36x16x16cm
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