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LITLAMP™ - Magic Lamp

LITLAMP™ - Magic Lamp

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Your Solution to Brighten Every Moment!

Introducing the future of home decor – the LITLAMP™ - Magic Lamp! Say goodbye to ordinary lighting and dive into a world of creativity and warmth.

Create personalized messages that will resonate with your loved ones, turning your home into a haven of affection. Transform your living space by infusing it with unique designs using the electric lamp. The erasable board adds an interactive touch, making it a glowing message board that breathes life into any bedroom or office.

Transform Your Space

Watch as your room comes to life with the warm glow of our LITLAMP™ - Magic Lamp. This clear acrylic message board is not just a decor piece; it's a beacon of inspiration. Illuminate your nights with personalized messages, positive affirmations, or delightful drawings that will leave a lasting impression.

Erasable Magic

Bid farewell to sticky notes and clutter! The erasable board lets you express yourself freely, allowing you to leave messages for your loved ones, jot down your daily tasks, or simply unleash your artistic side. It's interactive, practical, and a stylish memo board that adapts to your ever-changing needs.

Gift of Brilliance

Searching for the perfect gift? Look no further. Surprise your friends, family, or even yourself with this marvelous item. Whether it's adorning your office space or adding a warm touch to your bedroom, the LED lights lamp promises a different, uplifting feeling that transcends the ordinary.


  • Material: Acrylic, LED, Electronic Component
  • Board: Transparent
  • Base: White
  • Type: Blank, Calendar, Heart
  • Light Color: Warm
  • Size: Blank Board: 10*15cm; Base: 9.7*4cm
  • Calendar Board: 10*15cm; Base: 9.7*4cm
  • Heart Board: 13.3*12cm; Base: 9.7*4cm
  • Power Way: USB Input
  • Voltage: 5V 1A
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