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Infinity Mirror - LitLamp™

Infinity Mirror - LitLamp™

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Solve Dull Decor with the Mesmerizing Infinity Mirror!

Are you tired of the same old drab decor that does nothing to inspire or captivate?

 Introducing the Infinity Mirror - LitLamp™, your ultimate solution for bringing life and vibrancy to any room.

Personalized Ambiance

The Infinity Mirror offers a staggering palette of over 16 million colors, allowing you to create a personalized lighting ambiance that suits any mood or occasion. From calming blues to energizing reds, the possibilities are endless.

Customizable Lighting Scenes

Using the accompanying app or remote control, you can easily switch between pre-set lighting scenes or create your own. Tailor the lighting to your specific needs, whether for relaxation, work, or entertainment.

Inspires Imagination

The endless reflections and vibrant colors can inspire creativity and enhance your overall mood. Whether you use it as a relaxing backdrop or an artistic centerpiece, the Infinity Mirror stimulates the senses and fosters a creative environment.

Geometric Elegance

The octagonal shape of the Infinity Mirror adds a unique, modern aesthetic to your space. Its geometric design not only stands out as a statement piece but also enhances the mesmerizing effect of infinite reflections.

Key Features

Bluetooth/Wifi Capability

Smart & Energy Saving LED

App/Remote Controlled

Reacts to the Beat

Customizable Lighting Scenes

Day and Night Functionality

By day, it serves as a sophisticated and stylish mirror, while by night, it transforms into a captivating portal of light, adding a new dimension to your home decor.


- Control: Remote Controlled AND/OR App Controlled (both options included)
- Colors: 16+ Million
- Dimmable: Yes
- Timer: Sleep/Wake Timing Function
- Effects: 500+ Available. Create your own Multi-Color Effects
- Lifespan: 50,000+ Hours
- Music Responsive: Dances to music & reacts to the beat
- Adapter Included: Universal (Worldwide Compatibility)
- Power: 100V-240V / 20W / 50Hz
- Cord Length: 98" / 250cm

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